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in a class of its own code moves today. why such a big move to the upside for gold? >> into the third part of the quarter. the biggest loser, sometimes the biggest pop. david: the numbers don't indicate behind the scenes action, a lot of interesting things moving. goldman sachs, a lot of interesting stories in the market although again looking at the indices, a split decision, the dow is the only index posting gains today. the s&p just barely down. some individual stocks, watch out. liz: waiting for the news that is poised to happen. when the bell rings, we have a strategist who will give you three ways to hedge september.
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david: the ceo of joining us as business leaders, what policy does he want implemented to stimulate growth? and why wall street is deeply flawed. liz: first, what drove the markets today with the data download. a nice day on wall street with the dow managing to eat out gains. today's top performers, nostrils and utilities the biggest liger. crossing a flat line 13 times today. up, down all around. copper closed above the 100 day moving average for the first time since man reports the european central bank will unveil a new a limited bond buying program, copper closing up 1.7%. a tale of two cities in the energy market. while edging slightly higher, up $0.06, $95.36 per barrel. pdc natural gas? raising yesterday's gains,
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natural gas falling 2.1%. david: we have it all covered, telling us why he think european stocks are attractive, and chris johnson breaking down the three ways to hedge the september swoon that so many people see coming. let's start with jerry lee v. we're all looking for indicators. easy option markets could give us an indication of what could be happening. how so? >> the waiting game continues. in the euro zone as well. pricing and more volatility to come. last week talking to customers and clients and started noticing volatility into the down side put. a couple other calls as well but the retail traders options market pricing and more volatility at about half a percent or so per day in volatility for the month of september, which by the way the month of september historically is a poor month for the market
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averaging a negative almost three quarters of 1% over the life of the dow jones. the odds aren't in september's favor. liz: chief investment strategi strategist, i will get right to it. the market rally to us tired or just waiting. waiting on the ecb, the fed's numbers. investors have to wait? >> i think it is dangerous to be waiting because he could be sidelined while they act in addition to macafashion that cog the other way just as easily because news from the ecb tomorrow that underwhelmed investor expectation could force equity prices downward as well as the core jobs report on friday. a lot of sequencing if you will
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economic data points coming out over the course of the next two days as mentioned earlier the market can be sort of waiting with bated breath in anticipation. volatility in the market for good and for bad. david: the august jobs figures on friday. you get the sense traders are praying for bad jobs numbers to force the hand of the fed into action? >> to some degree we know it has been a perverse phenomenon where bad news has been treated as good because it increases the probability of q. east three. it has been lowered substantially given what we saw a week and half ago or so. but nonetheless, much better than expected jobs report, that could maybe raise that hurdle
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which will be offputting to the market which right now is addicted to further liquidity in the form of easing measures that the federal reserve. david: it is friday morning are getting those jobs reports. liz: there are still opportunity, where do you see it? a headline that said hottest trade, european stocks from a lot of people are afraid of those. are you? >> because of that the equity risk premium is elevated, and that's perhaps risk due, as eventually will, i think you will see a generational opportunity to take advantage of evaluation that exist across many european equity markets today that won't last if we see better news. the market will sniff that out well in advance. we don't suggest unilaterally fine european equities, but
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rather be buying german would be stocks, uk equities either individually or the etf to build up the amount of your portfolio exposed to that area so as we see some of the big macro risks which we think will happen for good or for bad near-term over the next six to 12 months most definitively european equities will advance to be one of the best performing areas. david: got a couple of pics in the financial markets, one regional banks, and also metlife, tell us about these stocks. speaker basket of these regional banks which are going to be continuing to perform well on economic conditions not necessarily spectacular and obviously strengthening in the housing market.
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david: and metlife. >> 60% of book value shedding the operation, one of the biggest insurers and a benefit or of baby boomers. david: thank you very much, and we will check in with you in a couple of minutes to see how the s&p futures close. you may want to brace yourself for september. over the past 100 years september has been the worst month for stocks. falling roughly .9%. liz: three ways to hedge the september swoon. director of research at the jk investment group, and jared levy just gave the stat, can you buck the trend and find your way around the september swoon westmark >> absolutely. keep in key with what is going on with the technicals in the market.
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the mile marker if we break below, you will see the market pullback 5% to 10% they be down $13.60 level. hedge the possible downside move. the easiest of them would be the shares going down one to one that every s&p goes down. you pick up 5% with that particular investment. the last one is one of the very basic ways. david: we want to get an idea of how volatile the market is. there is a stock that relates to the vix index. you have to play it very carefully. last year up to 60. right now trading at 11, let's take a look at the vix. >> the vxx mimics the vix.
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it is not 1:1, but this is a great way for investors to play like the pros. go in and hedge against volatility. if you go in and buy it sitting around 11 i think right now you'll see it around 16, 17 levels before we see a bottom in the market when we see the pullback equating to an actual vix reading about 20. starting to see some of those co-op on the trades telling me a lot of the investors are starting to position themselves the same way. the shares are a great way to do that in your portfolio. liz: you say sell it at 13? that does not seem to be much upside. >> moving up to 16 or so,
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looking at about 11 and a half up to 16, which could be an incredible move. liz: what about going long stocks at all in the s&p 500. >> we did study that showed the average correlation to the s&p 500 of those 500 stocks hovering around 45% or so, you look back over the last three months this is clearly a stock picker's market. in other words all the boats in the harbor are not being pulled up even though the s&p 500 has been able to show some gains. regional banks, this is a great area to look at. i will say i'm staying away from europe. we have done some studies showing halfway through the year the companies that are domestically sourced in terms of their revenue are beating the pants off of their equities.
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that is a great tool looking at the guideline for where you want to invest. companies like wells fargo and the financials, great company outperforming and we know our domestic economy is coming along a little bit better than the euro, i really do want to stay away from the hot topic of european stock right now. david: chris johnson, we have to leave it at that. be prepared to get out pretty quickly, october may be the time to do that. >> thank you a lot. liz: what to business leaders want to hear when it comes to economic reform? asking the ceo of david: among the group of buye buyers, peter guber, ceo of mandalay entertainment joining us in a fox business exclusive. liz: the ecb expected to help the eu ailing economy.
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david: s&p futures are closing right now. sometimes a indication of what could happen tomorrow depending on what happens at this time. what do you see, jared? >> no big flurries happen. really it is up in the air. what will they really do? can the i get through to german? five ms. park phones are rolled out, three by google and motorola. nobody paid attention to that. these are great companies. no big indications. liz: horrible for them, but thanks, good to see you.
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h&r block reporting first-quarter results just a bit ago. david: nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange for the latest on this. >> h&r block virtually flat this year, today selling off in the after-hours after coming up with the quarterly report. earnings per share coming in actually a loss of $0.38, the estimate a loss of $0.39 so we saw it beat by a penny, but revenue looking at the actual revenue $96 million versus the estimates of 101.5 million, so little short on the revenue. they repurchased and retired 21 million shares the first quarter, also seen cost reduction initiatives added between 85 million, 100 million to the pretax earnings for 2013 so they are seeing that in their numbers as well.
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for right now it is selling off, back to you. david: appreciated. dick clark productions has a few new owners. mandalay entertainment paying $370 million for the media company. chairman and ceo, one of the new owners joins us now in a fox business exclusive. good to see you, peter. explain what your involvement is in all of this. >> our company made an investment with guggenheim to buy the tix car company and all the assets, five or six years ago i was the chairman and also a large shareholder of that company when it was sold to red zone. they really move the meter in terms of revenue, and it has
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grown in the marketplace and we thought it was an opportune time to get these assets and took advantage of it. david: they were able to double what they paid you for a couple of years ago. >> their revenues went up more than double during that time. david: what makes the dick clark brand so valuable? >> it is a bouquet of assets valuable in the marketplace today, at this moment because they have event assets. a major asset. "so you think you can dance" on fox. the american music awards, country western music awards, all these award shows together with the other assets they are involved with guggenheim, they own five of the 10 largest event shows, and those are brand aggregated, they want those kind of assets that are really not able to be copyright stolen, not
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able to be anything but live events, you cannot dvr them, you can but they don't have the same vitality. an absolute lightning rod. they're the perfect storm asset continuing to grow and build a media company. david: use say vitality, a lot of people thought the dick clark brand was getting old but you say no way. >> 25, 30 years old. of all the bumps in the economy, all the changes in the media, stronger than ever. they give you leverage with the distributor, they have social audiences, the social network uses them and ratings are terrific and renewal possibilities with all the networks. leverage, asset and endurance. david: you have all those baseball teams, golden state warriors, l.a. dodgers, and
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this. how do you manage it all, aren't you getting spread too thin? >> what better thing to do in your third act then have fun? david: finally, clint eastwood, did he hit a home run or a foul ball the other night? >> he has a movie coming out, but clint eastwood is an iconic fellow. everybody loves him. he owns it. i think whatever he did a don't think it was a foul ball, just part of his iconic character and i think he is loved and loved an loved as an artist in this country. david: i loved it, congratulations on the purchase, best of luck to you. chairman and ceo. liz: first lady michelle obama gave the first big speech of the convention.
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the spotlight on former president clinton tonight. we are live with a preview. david: the ceo of with the two things we need to fix right now to get america back on its feet. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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david: it is time for a quick speed read of the headlines. five stories in a minute. 3m so they remain committed to a deal despite pressure from the u.s. department of justice. the announcement comes after 3m withdrew court papers related to the $550 million takeover. u.s. justice department is accusing bp of gross negligence and a culture of corporate
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recklessness in the 2010 u.s. gulf of mexico oil spill. it can significantly increase the damages bp is forced to pay. microsoft ceo makes a surprise appearance at nokia unveils the first two handsets using microsoft windows 8 platform. we are equipped with extended navigation and wireless charges. president of madison square garden after joining the team in 2008. overseeing the new york knicks. boeing forecast channel the second-largest market for new commercial banks over the next 20 years. u.s. plane maker estimates china will need more than 5000 new planes by 2031. and that is today's speed read. liz: it is not fair. everyone is against me. the european central bank, and this could be big in either direction for the market expecting to announce a bond to
4:26 pm
buying program, a lot of people are waiting on this. what do members of the eu think of the program? joining us now, former romanian minister of foreign affairs also of course former french honor allegis winner and you have been involved in politics. let's get the wrong buying program. do you think the ecb should denounce them to have a limited ability to buy short data bonds? >> the ecb has ammunition to avoid a domino effect in the euro zone. probably the news from spain asking for bailing out the central government. the delicate issue in europe. they're arguing in favor of this track.
4:27 pm
the others that are more reluctant full speed ahead. so very important week for europe. also the german court ruled on a financial package, that is another big? liz: the seventh most popular nation, and while you are a member of the eu, you're not quite in the european zone where you use the euro you want to be. nonetheless, there seems to be so much turmoil and in romania or present almost got impeached. there are major problems there. you wrote an op-ed about how romania has to get its act together but at a time when many members have to get their act together, why would you be wanting to be a member of this club in such disarray? >> romania has tremendous potential. this is a good time for us.
4:28 pm
in terms of reputation, in terms of energy, in terms of a lot of negative buzz around us. important for countries. but i'm confident romania will come back. we have the most important energy resources. the most important resources. lobbyist or cultural potential in of europe. tremendous people with high skills. this is something romania has to offer to europe. there's a big debate in the non-euro zone. bulgaria has this idea to postpone a decision on joining the euro. they're adamant against it at this time.
4:29 pm
it is a good thing but i think we have to wait to see if it comes to an end. liz: why does romania matter? speak of course everybody brags about the country, but we are a key country, not to worry about europe. from the shores of the black sea all the way to russia, all the way to central asia, the iranian problem, the middle east and northern africa. america has decided to put on romanian soil components. we are a strategic player. we're a great ally of america and is belonging to europe and our friendship and relationship with america continue to be despite the fundamental cornerstone.
4:30 pm
our region has a great potential. if i put a couple of dollars as a bed, out in the next few years get our act together, strengthen our economy, i think our region will be part of the revival of europe and america needs a strong europe. liz: thank you. david: he turned a struggling on wine retailer $2 billion company and now he says he knows that what has to be done to fix overall economy. ceo patrick byrne's joining us next. liz: u.s. auto sales during the best informants, this company, the president telling us what is
4:31 pm
driving the record august sales for that company in a fox business exclusive.
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david: former president bill clinton the main speaker tonight at the dnc. liz: some say president clinton's return to the stage is something of a wildcard for president obama. peter barnes, walking on the floor of the convention in charlotte, north carolina. a lot of excitement and anticipation. >> david and liz, you guys just missed it. we have all the celebrities here at the convention. gabby douglas, who won the gold medal for the u.s. for gymnastics was up on stage. president obama hopes that president clinton will help him win a gold medal in november. and i wonder if that is gabby over, that jim hunt, former governor of north carolina will be speaking tonight.
4:35 pm
president clinton, according to campaign aides and the campaign, the officials at the campaign have spoken extensively with the former president they say. they reviewed his remarks carefully what he intends to say. they want to give him as much time as needs to make the case. it is an important speech, david and liz. david: it will be a very interesting night. by the way, elizabeth warren. a lot of folks are speaking up tonight. they're up against a pretty important football game. we'll see which wins out. liz: thanks, peter. >> thank you. liz: democrats will tell voters how they plan to get the economy moving again. david: we have one ceo who has ideas to get america back on track. overstock dot come chairman and see with his ways to fix the economy. >> hi, david and liz. david: liz big warren, she started that you didn't build that speech and the
4:36 pm
president mimicked that talk and saying you didn't build that well. are republicans making too much of that talk and that philosophy coming from the democratic party? >> i don't think so. i think philosophy rules the world and elizabeth, warren who i admire in some ways. i admire her stance she has taken on wall street and understands the problem of oligarchy in this country. so often the case with the left, the left is often correct about the problems just generally wrong about what to do about the problems. her philosophy dates from a harvard bro professor, john rawls, a fabulous, fabulous philosopher. wrote a book in the '70s, theory of justice. the whole point to say we as a society cooperate. we generate the surplus and our task is to figure out what is the right way to carve that surplus. that led to this very, that's led to the tradition that elizabeth warren and now the president are speaking from. liz: you as an
4:37 pm
entrepreneur -- >> go ahead, please. liz: you as an entrepreneur running a business, what is the philosophy you have seized upon that kept you going both through good times and bad and do we need to be somehow infusing that into the thought of many more americans? >> well, i would, the, my philosophy is, i'm like those "dilbert" cartoons, with the pointy hair with boss in the corner who thinks he knows everything but who doesn't know everything? i don't know everything. i will push the situation to the colleagues, frontier of none, people on the front lines should have the decisions and metrics to make the information and metrics to make the best decisions they can. i don't try to run things from the corner office. and as a general philosophy, that carries into how we should arrange our economic life. we should not be trying to run things from washington, d.c. and turn the whole country into a bunch of
4:38 pm
supplicants to washington, d.c. of course the political class, that is in their interests for them to do that. and hence this big, over last 80 years this shift in power away from individuals and free exchange of individuals and towards washington, d.c. being there to ladle out what they see, what they see as the surplus that they get to distribute among americans. it is really crazy philosophy. david: patrick, you've started, not only but i count at least three companies, sort of break crowd companies. one owned by berkshire hathaway that you were chairman and see crow of. so you know the game. you know how capital builds and capital develops. how do we release capital in this country, whether it is metaphysical capital or real cash? >> well, the two, good for you, david. the two most important things are, building human capital and financial capital. financial capital is wall street and i've been on a dozen times or more to talk about how to fix wall street but the real
4:39 pm
thing to fix our long-term future is human capital, which means our school system and the thing that fixes that is reorganizing it so it is not a top-down, soviet agricultural model but giving consumers, in this kise parents and students, a choice. way you give them choice is vouchers. school choice i think, that and fixing wall street are the two most important things we have to do to get this country moving again. david: school choice. liz: as you have watch the republican convention and democratic convention, do you feel that one side or another has it right? >> well, certainly the republicans are correct on school choice. the democrats, it's a strange issue. as our friend milton friedman used to say, democrats hold themselves out as champions of the poor and underprivileged but on a single issue that matters the most they're on the wrong side, that is issue of school choice. on that issue alone i fault
4:40 pm
the democratic platform. the fact that republicans embraced school choice really the first time in their platform, very candidly, visibly, mitt romney i have some other questions about the republican candidate but the, the fact that the republicans are embracing school choice, makes me inclineds me toward them. on the other hand i should mention on the democratic side, african-americans and latinos support school choice by a ratio of 70%. one of these weird issues that splits the mainstream democrats from minorities. another thing, milton, well. it is the civil rights, it is the civil rights issue of the 21st century, school choice. liz: education. patrick byrne, thank you very much. david: he is not only a entrepreneur, he got a doctorate in philosophy from stanford. he knows philosophy as well. and he succeeds in business. thank you very much, patrick. >> thank you. >> thank you both. david: despite a slowing economy audi posting record
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august sales in the u.s. this is the 20th consecutive month of record sales. so what is driving the company's growth? the president of audi america joining us next everyone has goals. take the steps to reach yours, with us with real advice, for real goals. the us bank wealth management advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients, so they can take the steps to help grow, preserve, and pass along their wealth. so their footsteps can help the next generation find their own path. all of us serving you. us bank
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>> i'm robert gray with your fox business brief. it was a mixed day on wall street. a better than expected report on the u.s. economy did little to boost stocks. investors are waiting for the european central bank to clarify plans to buy sovereign debt the monthly jobs report here in the u.s. which is due out on friday morning. the dow finishing up just 11 1/2 points. investors are not paying for verifone in extended trading. shares are plunging on revenue concerns as the technology payment company. verifone's third quarter revenue and forecast for next fiscal year were both below wall street expectations. revenue last quarter also disappointed at h&r block, falling short of analyst
4:44 pm
estimates. the tax preparer posted a narrower than expected quarterly loss on lower expenses. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper
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david: despite the slowing economy audi posting record u.s. auto sales, rising 13% year-over-year. so what is the automaker's secret to success? liz: let's find out. we have audi of america president in a fox business exclusive. blowout numbers here, scott. con congratulations . what do you really think did the trick here? >> this is simple story for audi. we've been investing in product development almost $2 billion a year. that is bringing new cars to the market. that is bringing a fresh portfolio of vehicles and customers love them and that is really driving seas.
4:46 pm
david: scott, you were the head of marketing. that was year-and-a-half ago when i first saw the extraordinary commercials which you branded mercedes-benz as old-fashioned and stuffy and presented audi as the kind of new form of luxury the was that dur doing and how is it working? >> i think it was a collective doing. myself and the agency and of course the strategy. it is working quite well. america is responding. the truth be told we have the youngest buyers in the business. 6% of our sales come from gen-x and gen-y. this concept of having a brand modern arbs well-designed, high technology, all over the times is absolutely working. people are not looking for data ideas of luxury. they're looking for modern innovative ones and that is exactly what audi brings to the table. liz: at a time people are watching what they spend. even though we pulled ourselves out of the recession there is always that concern we might tip back into it.
4:47 pm
what are you doing to capitalize on people who are sort of trend-setters? do i spend the money for audi or do i go a little more down market? >> i think there are two things on that front. the first thing is the business point of view. you need to run a very healthy business. for us that means tight supply of vehicles, high demand on those vehicles. i think what has got the entire automotive business sideways, entirely too much supply. more cars than there are customers and you get into an unhealthy business. regardless of market we're in a good position running a healthy business. in terms of the customer side of the equation, audi is absolutely a smart choice. our cars are priced right, save and leaded with technology. it is a smart choice. that's why sales are up 13ers and 20 record sales months in a row. david: we didn't talk about clean diesel. which you guys have been in the forefront. every time i see diesel price higher than regular gasoline of the used to be diesel was a cheaper
4:48 pm
alternative. now it is a little more expensive. that is that hurting the clean diesel program. >> no. with us it is going well. you have to look at bigger picture. you have the price at the pump but you have a significantly stronger revid wall value on a that product. you have a much stronger product out there. you look at the a-3 where we have diesel engine, nearly 50% of the sales come from diesel. q-7, three row suv, it is nearly 40%. customers are absolutely choosing the diesel. if you look from our point of view, they're contented higher. they're significantly more profitable. tdi has been very successful for us of the to that extent if you look at next year, the a-8, a-6, a-7, the 25 will all have tdi engines. i think it is a game-changer for us. liz: obviously audi doing things right this time around. u.s. automakers had stumbled and fallen. a big topic of conversation as we lead up to the election should we have
4:49 pm
saved the u.s. auto industry? where does the german automaker stand on that? >> that is a little out of my context but i think the automotive business in general is a profound and powerful business. it provides a ton of jobs. it is a focus of innovation. absolutely, we a at audi believe in competitive business, domestic market as well. that is absolutely our point of view on that one. david: scott keough, audi of america president. congratulations. >> thank you very much, david. liz: continues to be a very strong story. the nfl season kicks off tonight as the new york giants take on the dallas cowboys. tonight's real winners may not be the players on the field. we'll have that story next. ♪ . want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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liz: the new york giants and the dallas cowboys kicking off the nfl season tonight. >> advertisers are paying big money to reach the audience of the most watched series in prime time. dennis kneale has the details. dennis? >> dave. it is football tonight and are you ready for some tv
4:54 pm
commercials? the nfl kicks off the new season when the dallas cowboys host the giants at cowboy he is stadium. this is premier of most expensive franchise in television. gmc trucks, pepsi, gatorade, trop can ma, quaker oats. spots sold two weeks ago $545,000 per 30 second spot that is almost up 10% a year ago adweek says. bud light will have new campaign. 12 packs covered in fake pigskin and fantasy football tie-ins and promotional codes on it billion bottles of beer. handing out packers t-shirts to every fan in the green bay stadium. they wonder why the sponsors are so excited. almost 18 million people watch every game.
4:55 pm
football posted 23 of the top 25 cable shows last season. when football runs on cbs, fox, nbc, those games get almost 20 million people that is 150% more than the average network show. and then, look at the real showcase. nbc's sunday night football. it was the most watched weekly series of any show this past it. v season of the it gets almost 21 viewers per million viewers per game. it is number one on all adults among men ages 18 to 54. even among women under 50, ranks as fourth most popular show, guys. liz: turn off your --. david: dennis did not turn off his blackberry. for that he is chastised for at least a month. liz: dennany, thank you. david: we're assuming. i shouldn't cast blame without knowing. liz: it was him, trust us. we have the money moving events you can't miss tomorrow. it is tomorrow's trade today. that's next.
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. liz: time for the top two things you need to watch tomorrow. we are going to get the reading on the state of the labor market with the release of the initial jobless claims. economists are expecting a drop of 4,000 to 370,000. that comes ahead of friday's big jobs report. david: that will be friday's

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 21, U.s. 11, America 9, Audi 9, Europe 9, S&p 7, Romania 6, Clinton 4, Humana 3, Liz 3, Washington 3, Eu 3, Us Bank 2, Verifone 2, Elizabeth Warren 2, Patrick Byrne 2, Dennis 2, Clint Eastwood 2, Chris Johnson 2, Metlife 2
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